In the News

Spring 2022: New publication! Problematic Social Media Use and Conflict, Social Stress, and Cyber-victimization among Early Adolescents

Fall 2021: “Social Work Team Leads Efforts in Creating Statewide Violence Prevention Plan”

May 2021: “Youths with diverse gender identities bullied up to three times more often than peers, study finds”

from left: Amandeep Kaur – research biostatistician Interdisciplinary Health Sciences Institute (IHSI); Shongha Kim – graduate student (doctoral student), School of Social Work; Rachel Garthe – professor, School of Social Work; Allyson Blackburn – graduate student (doctoral student), psychology; and Agnes (Aggie) Rieger – graduate student (doctoral student), psychology

November 2018: “Youth dating violence shaped by parents’ conflict-handling views, study finds”

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