State of Illinois Victim Needs Assessment

The Violence Prevention Research Lab led the writing of the 2022 Victim Needs Assessment for the Illinois Criminal Justice Information Authority.

Exposure to violence and crime can have a detrimental impact on society and individuals. This report examined the need, access, use, and barriers of victim-centered services among Illinois residents. With a focus on feelings of empowerment and help-seeking behaviors, we surveyed and interviewed diverse groups of Illinois residents who themselves, or their family members, have been victimized or exposed to violence and crime. A total of 1,114 Illinois residents completed an online survey; 17 survey participants from underrepresented groups participated in an in-depth interview. Participants indicated high levels of experiencing crime and victimization in their lifetime. Depending on the crime or experience, participants sought help from different sources, including the police or law enforcement, social services or community-based organizations, or from family or friends. The report concludes with recommendations; for example, services not only need to be more available and accessible, but the services need to be of better quality.

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